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Transforming architecture: 
Innovative Facade Solutions

Our Products

 Our production is harmonized, eco-friendly and state-of-the-art! 

Maibec takes great pride in providing extensive and environmentally friendly manufacturing services. From the moment we receive the raw materials we carry out meticulous inspections at every stage of cladding production, thus ensuring thoroughness and attention to detail. Our technology is fully equipped to meet all of your requirements, and we have full confidence in the excellence of our team. 


Beyond their modern appearance or remarkable durability, our aluminum panels have been designed specifically to promote proper water evacuation and optimal air ventilation to keep your building healthy for years to come. 

Panneau aluminium complexe citta 2
Planche aluminium foncée avec vue montreal


Aluminum boards provide a classic horizontal or vertical look which is both reassuring and timeless! Manufactured in one of two types of production processes, our boards deliver the same high quality water evacuation and air ventilation as our various panels. 

Innovative Options

We utilize a technique that is free of solvents, VOCs, and chromium, making it one of the most environmentally friendly options available. This technique is supported by environmental product declarations and offers an exceptional level of adhesion. It not only meets but also surpasses all the criteria outlined in both AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 standards. 

Extended Useful Life

Powder coatings provide an additional layer of protection to your building envelope, offering remarkable resistance to both abrasions and severe weather conditions. With warranties lasting up to 30 years, this eco-friendly solution ensures that your projects maintain their optimal appearance for several decades to come! 

Customizable Colours

Whether you are looking for an anodized look, a special effect or simply partial to specifically handpicked colour charts, our partners customize their powders to fit any colour and texture. 

Order Samples

Are you interested in experiencing the quality of Maibec firsthand? You can easily request samples of our products and electrostatic powder finishes. While a picture may speak volumes, being able to touch and feel our products will provide you with the utmost confidence in their exceptional quality and excellence. 

échantillon aluminium test qualité
échantillon couleur poudrage électrostatique

Made in Canada  

By manufacturing our products here, with local materials, we not only contribute to reducing our ecological footprint, but also use our skills to keep innovating and leading the construction industry toward a greener future. Thanks to our accumulated data, we can target the calculations and laboratory tests needed to simulate our beautiful country’s weather variations with greater precision than ever. Therefore, our final products are the best on the market, and are also designed specifically to meet our market’s unique constraints.