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Transforming architecture: 
Innovative Facade Solutions

Granite Panels

 Natural stone cladding offers multiple advantages thanks to its almost eternal lifespan and impressive versatility! Furthermore, the proximity of local granite quarries enables us to maintain excellent quality control while minimizing supply lead times.

Used for centuries, natural stone evokes prestige and grandeur, while also being a very familiar element in our memories. The latest technical advancements in cutting and design allow us to emphasize these emotions while offering a wide range of modern or even creative options by playing with shapes and arrangements to create unique customized patterns.

Granite Panels

Cladding panels for drained and ventilated rain screen systems.


  • Installation in a ventilated facade with concealed attachments
  • Optimal dimensions provided upon recommendation


  • Granite with a thickness of 10 mm to 30 mm [0.394" to 1.181"].


  • Interior use as a decorative panel.
  • Exterior use as a wall cladding.


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Once you embark on a project with us, we assign a dedicated point of contact who will be available throughout our collaboration. This enables us to establish a stronger relationship with you, gain a better understanding of your requirements, and efficiently address any inquiries you may have.

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Simple, fast and without intermediaries! With our direct delivery service, you can choose the precise moment when you’ll receive your custom cut, sorted, and identified order.